Who would have thought that Salt Lake City had an island in the Great Salt Lake. Much more than that, there are even buffalo on it! Unfortunately, they were in a position to easily charge at people around them, so I decided against flying the drone, to avoid upsetting them. One of the coolest parts of this experience was being able to see the waves crash on the island. It created a sweet sand bar and salt began to foam at the edge of it!


Catch a glimpse of one of Utah Valley most accessible spots of beauty. Been one of my favorites for a while and I finally got to see it when it was all iced over. Thankful for Brandon (my bro) who joined me on the random trip up.


A quick weekend trip out to a place of meditation and awe. The landscape and the peace that is felt there is unparalleled. If you ever have a moment, to just experience nature in it's most raw form, go and do it. Grateful for @loivophoto for planning the trip, and catching some great shots.


The family decided to take the vacation to the beautiful US Virgin Islands. Besides the hundreds of photos I took, I decided to make a short video just showing the beauty of the island. This is my first travel video yet, but I have a feeling it won't be my last.


Taken from the balcony of Marriotts Frenchman Cove. A short time lapse of a sunset that happened to catch a cruise ship leaving port.

Same destination, but this includes GoPro footage with a more relaxed style of edit.