KoKo's Creamery (East Nashville)

I don't think you could give me enough money to go full on vegan. But I may be willing to leave "real" ice cream for this!

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kokos creamery

they accept bitcoin

Dreams made into a reality is what KoKo's Creamery is. A couple, that had a little bike cart, riding around parks and events to sell some dairy free ice cream. Talk about starting at the
bottom of the food industry! I am so intrigued when I hear stories like these. These sort of things require passion. If you are going in it for strictly business, no way you survive the grueling hours, long bike rides and hot days in the summer. Let it be known, these KoKo owners are fit. Lucky for you, you don't need to burn calories chasing after them. They now have a solid little place in East Nashville.


I was first introduced to Vegan ice cream by my good friend Patrick down in Phoenix. He would take me to this small place called Tsoynami from time to time and it was just blissful. That's when I knew that I could like something that was out of my nature. So when I heard of this place I had to check it out.

the perfect spot

the perfect spot

It's what Instagram dreams are made of. The perfect set-up. Genius marketing really. There is absolutely no way you walk in there and leave without taking a photo. The location is small but large enough for their need. No scoops, no bombardment of options that delay the eating process. It truly is simple. You have a mix of 4-6 flavors, depending on the day, and that's it. Your order of ice cream is served in those little paper cups that used to be served at your elementary cafeteria. It's a bit nostalgic. Except this time, it actually tastes good. 

ice cream cups

ice cream cups

Now KoKo's uses a coconut base for their ice creams (and I will edit this if I'm mistaken). I am generally not the biggest fan of the coconut flavor as it seems to overpower others, yet this one was subtle. Out of all the flavors I tried, I found it to only carry the strong notes within the chocolate. The ice cream is rich in flavor with a solid creamy base. A huge difference is that Vegan ice cream needs to be dense or else it comes out watery and flavorless.  It's counterpart, the dairy form of ice cream, is based around the dairy that it comes from. Constant churning, temperature regulation and the type of dairy used (fat content, cow type, pasteurization techniques) all play an essential role (and eggs for emulsification too). To achieve the perfect creaminess, the ingredients have to be able to blend together. Too cold and crystallization creates unnecessary moisture in your ice cream. Too much churning at a cold temperature and crystallization gets stuck into those air pockets that are supposed to make your ice cream creamy. That is why the best ice cream places are the ones that if you order one-scoop you are satisfied, and if you order two, you will walk out full. 

they even have cones!

they even have cones!

KoKo's finds the balance here. Throughout eating it I didn't yearn for that dairy base. I didn't even miss it. I ate what was found inside that paper cup and left guilt-free. That is rare for someone who eats at different restaurants constantly. If KoKo had a loyalty program, I would be the first one to sign up.

At the end of it all, the success and future success of this business stems from the creators behind it. Their passion, love and drive for this cuisine is spot on. Truly enjoyed my time visiting and look forward to quite a few more.

Oh! and they accept bitcoin as payment.   Location:   729 Porter Rd, Nashville, TN 37206

Oh! and they accept bitcoin as payment.

Location:  729 Porter Rd, Nashville, TN 37206