Biscuit Love (The Gulch)

Their are a few things in this world that I would wait in an hour line for. My wife, son, and tickets to Bruno Mars.


biscuit love

but can you do the wait?

If you are looking for an example of exemplary marketing, look no further than Biscuit Love. They have somehow convinced all tourists visiting Nashville that this is the place to eat when you come here. Luckily, I went where I had to wait about 10 minutes in a line.

a little look inside

a little look inside

Like I said before, wait times should never dictate a negative review. Unless that wait is a tourist trap. Then be furious that your friends took you there. Thankfully, Biscuit Love is actually pretty dang tasty!

people love their signage

people love their signage

I am a sucker for a good chicken biscuit combination. I could have fried or breaded chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, I do not go to the gym enough for this eating habit. Needless to say, I really enjoyed my experience there. Being a tourist trap, I was expecting
to be let down. I ended up spending $13 for a dish that took care of business. Well cooked chicken thigh (dark meat is superior), soft biscuit with a crunch and a gravy that was out of this world. I went with a little secret item recommended by the cashier lady. I was deciding between the Princess or the Nasty. She pulled a fast one on me and recommend I get the Nasty Princess. I went for it.

the nasty princess

the nasty princess

So good guys. I mean like really good. Not an hour wait good, but like a solid 30 minute wait good. The service was prime, the food was prompt and the flavors were just so artistically crafted. My brother-in-law has a gleam in his eyes the moment the dishes came out. I have not seen that look since his wedding day.

I am grateful he loves my sister as much that Chicken Biscuit. Passionate man. To my surprise, the cashier did me a solid and threw in another option I was battling on choosing. The Wash Park.  2 Beef Burger patties and the amazing bacon jam. I swear you can put bacon jam on anything and it immediately makes it better. Fact. 

The Wash Park

The Wash Park

Instead of chicken, it's beef. Throw some jam on their and the flavors literally explode. You taste the heavy meat flavor first, then followed by a subtle touch of sweetness from the spread. That is one thing that I have realized that Nashville does well. They understand jams and spreads. They spare no expense in getting it down to a science.

One side note about this place - you will most likely have time to kill. Talk to some people in line. See where they are from. If you are a local, give them some suggestions on where to visit. Share with them this page so they can discover some more Nashville Gems. I met a lady that was here for just a day and had no idea where to go or what to do. Ended up at Biscuit Love because a friend recommended it to her.

East Nasty

East Nasty

I have no downsides to my experience. It was just a smooth process from start to finish. Would I wait an hour for this place? I don't think so. I loved it, I just know their so many other options, especially in the Gulch, that could give me an amazing experience without the hour wait. Check out the other articles I have
written on other location in the Gulch. - Oh and for the love of all that is good, don't stand in that ridiculous line to take a picture with the wings. 90% of the day it has horrific lighting, and the line is not worth it. #SaveYourTime

the brother-in-law

the brother-in-law

Location: 316 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Milk & Honey (The Gulch)

Is this the "Land of Milk & Honey"? Ehh, kind of. Let's jump into this. 


milk & honey

an american affair

Quite possibly one of the most hyped places when it comes to brunch out here in Nashville. I know because I have been here 3 weeks and I have had at least a dozen people tell me to check it out. Well on this Sunday afternoon, I decided to take my church outfit out to brunch (I was looking good so I couldn't pass up the chance). I don't want to keep you waiting so I'll say this. It's good - but it won't make ya hear church bells. 

Hodgepodge Hash and my sunglasses

Hodgepodge Hash and my sunglasses

It's filling. You will not leave this place hungry. That's something you need to know. Some brunch places are all about the boojie aspect of a brunch and they skimp you on the filling things. Not this place. Perhaps, not this dish. So needless to say, I'm down for the bigger portion. Egg was made alright (for me at least), which is a huge tell on whether a restaurant has got the consistency down. The yolk was runny on the top but had that slight cook on the bottom part of it. Close-call on that one.

Here is what I liked:

- Hash - yeah. they stole the show. Some solid hash was consumed that morning. 

- Sausage - good ole sausage. Did not taste fatty like others so I enjoyed it. Cooked real well and gave it that smoky flavor that I actually enjoyed. 

- Homemade Hot Sauce - I mean, it's just some hot sauce but I think that is what made me like it more than I should have. 

- Chipotle Crema - Loved it, but I wish I had more of it. Next time, I'll ask (yeah I'm going back)

- All Vegetables - Yes. All of them. All the vegetables on this dish were fantastic. Even the sweet potatoes were cut well. That is a hard task to do but they accomplished it!

What I did NOT like:

- Pastrami - I typically love pastrami. I like to think of myself as a faux italian. Yet this one just did not hit the mark. I felt like the cook was just off and the flavor profile fought a little with the sausage. The texture was welcomed. 

- Berries - You could get a side of hash, but no way I was doing that. Obviously not in season, so it's just a hard side item to have off-season.

That's it. It actually was a solid piece of a dish. I can see why it is the most popular of all. But here is where my path diverges (suspense). 


It did not blow me away. That's what it came down to. I was a party of one and it took me 30 minutes to get a seat at the bar, which is a little less time than the wait. I then had to wait another 22 minutes to get my food. That is almost a complete hour of waiting for something that doesn't give the satisfaction I wanted. Price is fine. Ambiance is okay. Food was actually good. So... in summary:

shout out to the guys at the bar, who let me photograph his biscuit.

shout out to the guys at the bar, who let me photograph his biscuit.

I actually have nothing against the restaurant itself. If this was brunch on a Wednesday morning where I walk in, get seated, order, and my food comes out, I would be ecstatic. I guess my main takeaway from this would be to NOT go during the weekend craze. Hey! Can't blame a restaurants popularity and write a bad review (wait times should NEVER be a reason why a place is not good...unless your food takes 30+ minutes for a salad - then be mad)

Turns out everyone wants to be in that Land of "Milk & Honey". Highly Recommend.

5 stars for signage

5 stars for signage


Location: 214 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Holler and Dash

Cracker Barrel, you have done it again. I very much welcome your new idea for a fast-casual, Holler and Dash.


You really don't get the Cracker Barrel vibe. The vibe where it feels like you entered a log cabin of home style cooking. No, this is for millennials. It's a masterpiece. I mean, really. Coming from a large chain, it has exceeded all of my expectations. 


This is just well built all around. I read reviews from others and it seems to me they just don't understand what this place is about. It's a casual and quick way to snag an amazing chicken biscuit. Right under $10, it's the perfect price point for what you get. 


Now I got the Kickback. You can snag it with tots or with a side of fruit. Unlike many chains, the fruit actually tasted like it wasn't sitting in the fridge for days. Great plateware, amazing service and the food was delicious. Each bite was filled with flavor. This particular biscuit has some sweet pepper jam that complements the rich flavors of the goat cheese. The chicken is truly where this shines though. Although the biscuits is great, the chicken is better. It is tender. Perfectly cooked. The breading is what makes it different. The breading itself has enough spices to let it stand on it's own. I could see where some may dislike the strong flavors it brings, but I like that extra fried feel. 

Overall, I really ended up liking this place. It was exactly what I wanted. Yeah, if you want something more basic you could go to the Chick-fil-a across the street but why settle when you can have something so much more. Well done Cracker Barrel, well done.

Location: 203 Franklin Rd #120, Brentwood, TN 37027