Holler and Dash

Cracker Barrel, you have done it again. I very much welcome your new idea for a fast-casual, Holler and Dash.


You really don't get the Cracker Barrel vibe. The vibe where it feels like you entered a log cabin of home style cooking. No, this is for millennials. It's a masterpiece. I mean, really. Coming from a large chain, it has exceeded all of my expectations. 


This is just well built all around. I read reviews from others and it seems to me they just don't understand what this place is about. It's a casual and quick way to snag an amazing chicken biscuit. Right under $10, it's the perfect price point for what you get. 


Now I got the Kickback. You can snag it with tots or with a side of fruit. Unlike many chains, the fruit actually tasted like it wasn't sitting in the fridge for days. Great plateware, amazing service and the food was delicious. Each bite was filled with flavor. This particular biscuit has some sweet pepper jam that complements the rich flavors of the goat cheese. The chicken is truly where this shines though. Although the biscuits is great, the chicken is better. It is tender. Perfectly cooked. The breading is what makes it different. The breading itself has enough spices to let it stand on it's own. I could see where some may dislike the strong flavors it brings, but I like that extra fried feel. 

Overall, I really ended up liking this place. It was exactly what I wanted. Yeah, if you want something more basic you could go to the Chick-fil-a across the street but why settle when you can have something so much more. Well done Cracker Barrel, well done.

Location: 203 Franklin Rd #120, Brentwood, TN 37027