Plaza Mariachi (Antioch)

The world needs a few more of these. Scratch that - a lot more of these.



I wish I got a picture of the actual place. It's HUGE. Small shops, mexican market, and little knick knacks like the halls. It leads you into a eating, dancing, and party open area with a stage a larger than life television. Yeah. It's what your dreams are made of. Inside this area are a few dining options - I'll focus on two.

wood fired grill 

wood fired grill 

Tres Gauchos is spot on. From the wood fired grill, to the plates they serve, they know what they are doing. We ended up ordering 2 different dishes. I would have ordered much more if I was not craving tacos so much. Let's focus on what I did end up eating.

This giant pile of meat and potatoes was a meal for 3. It was by far the highlight of the afternoon. The flavors were so robust and the smell of wood was prominent in the dish. The meat was definitely a cheaper cut, but that didn't take away from the flavor profile. One thing that this dish does is remind you of a meal that you would enjoy at a family party somewhere in Argentina. It takes you home. I would call it comfort food.

My last bit of Tres Gauchos was the cheese empanada. Now you have a few different empanadas out there. They are different based on the region you are ordering them from. Peruvians, Mexicans, and most Central and South American countries have savory empanadas that are typically baked. Argentinian, Uruguayan and a few others have the crunchy variation - fried. Now there is a battle between baking or frying it. Each has it's place but let's be honest, everything fried is better. These were not only crunchy, but the cheese was melted perfectly. Gives you that pull you only see on TV.


Now Taqueria Hidalgo was your classic street tacos. Right in front you see the lady working on the taco masa, making sure those tortillas are authentic. The presentation is nothing to rave about but the tortillas are delicious. Depending on how busy it is and which one you order, you may run into one or two being a bit more dry than the others. My favorites by far were the Al Pastor and Carne Asada. 

I do want to finish by saying that Taqueria Hidalgo had an employee who was disinterested in my order and had a rude and mean countenance the entire time. He was acting like he did not want to be there and it really gave me a bad experience. Luckily, the lady in the back was kind enough to explain the process of the dishes. 

Out of the two, I would say to check out Tres Gauchos. Unique and flavorful. Also be sure to check out their website for events as they do have salsa dancing and parties quite frequently. 

Location: 3955 Nolensville Pk, Nashville TN 37211 USA