Dinner Time Stories (Downtown)

The experience itself is unlike anything you and I have ever experienced.


dinner time stories

not your average bedtime story

Let's start off by saying that my pictures just don't do the experience justice. It is unique and cameras can't catch what our eyes can. I also had taken photos of the food itself, but with the lightning, I was unable to capture shots that were flattering. With that being said, be ready to see some real interesting things.

a book is placed in front of you

a book is placed in front of you

I am going to keep this critique vague on part of the story itself. The experience itself revolves around the world's smallest Chef giving you an experience around the world. Images are projected, using the book as its canvas. The 3-D rendering is spectacular. That in itself is enough to justify the experience. A photo for how immersive it truly is.


In between each destination, a dish is placed in front of you. All dishes are the same for all guests, except for the main course, which is one of three options that you choose prior to the experience. (I'll let you know which one to choose later in this)

I want to take a moment and address something that I feel needs to be in the forefront of the conversation. I feel that the experience, meaning the projectors and story-line greatly outweighed the flavors and dishes served. 

Because this is a unique experience, I do not want to spoil any details of the dishes and what they may be, but it seemed to me that 3 dishes were on par with the experience while the other 3 seemed to be an after-thought. What I find even more interesting is that it is the final three dishes that I find to be what I was expecting. Lucky for all of you, the main course (choose the duck) was spot-on. Well cooked, seasoned, and the vegetables served with it were both flavorful and plentiful.

The last three dishes stood out because they were exactly what I expect in an experience such as this. I do not have much to compare it to (as projector with food is a first for me) but based on multi-course immersive experiences, I feel that it fell a little short - until the end. 

BUT! - here are three points that I want to stress that helped me overlook the first three courses:

1 - the people we were with: you get to talk and network with so many people of different walks of life. It truly is a communal experience

2 - It owns the market when it comes to projector 3-d experiences. It stands on it's own and frankly, you are paying for the experience

3 - service. From the servers to the host, all are professionally trained to give you a smoothless evening. Drinks are poured correctly, dishes are placed over the correct shoulder and their is a sense that they choreograph their night very well. 

these are how some courses are served

these are how some courses are served

Here, you will be paying $162 + an $11 fee to book for 6 courses. It's worth depends on how much the audio/visual aspect of it interests you. If you have the money for a special event, this could be it. If you don't care about the story line and just want amazing food, it really isn't for you. 

If you aren't picky about food, this experience could be worth it. It truly is a treat for your eyes. Let's get all 6 courses to better represent the evening, and then perhaps the $162 pricepoint will be justified for me. 

dinner time stories

dinner time stories

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